CosRX Discount and Gifts Event

Everyone knows of CosRX. And everyone likes CosRX. You can read all about some of CosRX products from my point of view here and here. And now you can enjoy your new CosRX haul with 18% off and free gifts when you participate in our event this week (until May, 28th) on Every CosRX product purchased … Continue reading CosRX Discount and Gifts Event

CosRX Low pH BHA Overnight Mask Review

Not sponsored. No affiliate links. What is it? Face mask. Moisturizer. Exfoliator. Overnight treatment. Something you need when you want to wake up in the morning to smooth, brighter skin. This is what CosRX says about it: Low pH BHA Overnight Mask polishes away dullness and reveals your soft skin during the night. 0.9% BHA … Continue reading CosRX Low pH BHA Overnight Mask Review