The Face of PMS

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You know that feeling when you give your skin everything it needs, the best care, the best hydration, the best nourishment, you do everything possibly right, and it looks good and happy. So, you are too. But regardless everything, there it comes that time when your skin decides to turn on you, and it sticks out tongue at you and says: “I hate you! Here are some bumps and cystic acne for you to enjoy!”

What a bummer!

Welcome to that lovely time of luteal phase of menstrual cycle (the second part of the cycle, after the ovulation) and that final week (or more) prior to menses when your body starts acting weird and nothing seems to be normal. That’s a good chance you are hit by Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

If you are a very lucky person, you never experienced that joy of bloating, bad skin, weight gain, headache and unexplained never-felt-before pains and aches. But the worst are definitely feelings and thoughts that make you wonder if you were a normal human being at all. And otherwise you are. Sudden bursts into tears, trying to pick a fight wherever you are, but most probably at home with your loved ones.

Scan of MAD Magazine No 319, June 1993, Article: Unsuccessful Fundraising Events For Little Known Special Interest Groups

And somehow, every time turns out to be some very important social event that you have to attend to and look your best just at that time when your skin has a tantrum. Oh, that’s your high school reunion, yes, why wouldn’t you show up with two or three volcanoes on your face. Oh, is that your job interview scheduled just in time when your hormones start to form the highest category of typhoon? Niiice!

Sounds familiar?


How to cope with the hormonal wild beast that possesses our body every now and then?

How to deal with skin that refuses every single attempt of making it look better?

We already established there is only so much you can do about topical skin care when PMS strikes. This time, we need to search for the remedy for the very inside.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

The game changer for my PMS. It doesn’t have to be this particular brand pictured here, the point is that it is super potency capsule (1300 mg) that contains (at least) 949 mg Cis-Linoleic Acid (LA) and 117 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). LA and GLA are Omega-6 fatty acids that our body needs to cope with inflammations. They also work as hormonal adaptogens meaning they help body to regulate normal and healthy hormonal levels.

Evening Primrose Oil

I take one capsule a day for couple of months, and then pause for couple of weeks. I have been taking it for over two years now.

At first, the effects were only subtle and then after six months or so of taking it, evening primrose oil showed its true colours: I started to feel that PMS typhoon is turning into a gentle breeze.

If you find it doesn’t work for you after all, you can always prick the capsule and use it as the facial oil.

Spearmint Leaf (Mentha Spicata)

Spearmint Leaf

This one is my supplement love. Not only it is good for my digestion, it makes my skin look great. This is the fastest working supplement that I’ve ever seen. It showed its full effect the first week of taking it. All the pimples and zits that were active were actually gone. And I mean gone.

This herb is also hormonal adaptogen as it helps regulate levels of androgen hormones.

I take one capsule after meal once or sometimes twice a day.

Spearmint Leaf

The effects are very visible to my physical appearance at that impossible time.

Other remedies

Many report other adaptogens like maca powder, ashwagandha, rhodiola and ginseng to work well for PMS symptoms. I couldn’t say as all of these can actually provoke autoimmune response. As rosacea fits into that autoimmune blast, I wouldn’t want to gamble and try those.

It took me so long to understand that PMS was not actually my enemy, but sign rather. It shows me where my body or mind is weak and what needs my attention to be repaired in my life.

PMS emotional roller coaster doesn’t have to be necessarily a bad thing, but merely sign of awareness brought to something that is going on in your life. I like to say that it is so dramatic so it could provoke solutions to problems.

My point is, be kind to yourself. Listen to your body. Indulge yourself. Go with the flow.

Tame that hormonal beast with doing sports and exercise of any kind you prefer. Working out is something that is not only good for the body, but for the soul. Trust me on this one. I learned that this one is my number one PMS remedy. Working out makes me put all of the PMS symptoms on ignore.  And that is how I tamed that beast.


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