Tosowoong Spot Brightening VITA Clinic All in One Moisture Vitamin Pads Review

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What is it?

These pads are all in one pre-soaked pads with purpose to exfoliate, brighten, tone and moisturize skin.

It is made of microfiber fabric which is not irritating to the skin and removes dead skin cells or wastes. Sea buckthorn extract and 13 kinds of fruit extracts make the skin clean and bright. It can be used not only on the face but also on the elbow, knee, heel which need to exfoliate. /Tosowoong/

Very practical to use, these 70 microfiber pads are soaking in pot filled with 155 ml of colourless, fresh citrus scented essence.

How to use it?

After cleansing, wipe the skin off in a circular motion gently. /Tosowoong/

I use it almost every morning, right after I splash my face with water. Also can be used in evening skin care routine as the first step after cleansing. You can see it in action here.

First, I use the rough side of the pad for exfoliation, and then the smooth side of the same pad for toning and moisturizing.

Tosowoong Spot Brightening VITA Clinic All in One Moisture Vitamin Pads Review

If used in the morning skin care routine, make sure to use sunscreen with SPF 50 or more.


Sorry guys, no can do this time. I contacted Tosowoong for ingredients list, but they still didn’t provide me any. If they do, I will post it here immediately.

But, those ingredients disclosed are:

  • AHA & BHA in very mild concentrations,
  • Vitamin complex,
  • Sea buckthorn,
  • Lemon extract,
  • 13 types of fruit extracts (which in particular, not disclosed),
  • Vitamin C.

Ok, all of these are highly engaged in brightening skin hyperpigmentation, such as PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) and PIE (Post Inflammatory Erythema), you know, those boring, stubborn marks on skin that all of our blemishes like to live behind.

This whole Tosowoong Vita Clinic line of products is about vitamins C, B and E. Therefore, I’d say, it’s safe to assume there is the same vitamins combo here too.

Rosacea safe?

Intriguing, but somehow yes. AHA’s and BHA here are mild enough to give you exfoliation your skin needs, but be cautious in using it every day.

Lemon extract can be sensitizing for rosacea, so one more caution here.

Ingredients of the essence that these pads are soaked in are not to raise to many red flags, but the main concern is the pads’ texture. It is rather tough, with very hard rough side meant for physical exfoliation, so that can be very problematic. If you use it too hard on your skin, it will probably turn red and irritated. So do it gently. You know, like it’s yours.

Who is it for?

All skin types, especially those fighting dull skin or any kind of hyperpigmentation (PIH and PIE) and blemishes.

Does it work?

I find this Tosowoong Vitamin Clinic line of products very good one. You probably noticed before that I like Tosowoong products. So far, this is the only brand that has all those “NO NO” ingredients, but my skin never, ever reacted to them in any negative way. Ergo, formulation of Tosowoong products is very (my) skin friendly.

These pads are no exception. Although they contain citrus extracts and AHA’s and BHA (more on acids and their job in skin care find here), although I use it every day, my skin never reacted in any other way than with instant visible satisfaction and glow. My blemishes fade away quicker, my pores seem to be less visible. My skin gets instantly brighter and gets along with makeup. I couldn’t ask for more from this kind of product.

There are some cons, though.

As I mentioned before, these pads are slightly too rough on skin. They are very firm, and highly exfoliating. I mean like scratching the skin off. This can be one of the pros for very resilient types of skin, but for sensitive types, can be too much.

The packaging. The pot is filled with 155ml of essence. Which is great. The only problem with that is the transport. I ordered these pads in very popular Korean web shop, and they packed everything perfectly as ever. However, when my package came (very quickly, luckily enough), everything inside the package was wet with this Tosowoong essence spilled. It somehow soaked off the protective seal, and just got out the lid. I was so sad… But luckily, there was plenty of the essence left inside.

This was one of the reasons why I couldn’t post the ingredients list. It was printed on the card box packaging, and everything was smudged and impossible to scan or read. Plus Tosowoong didn’t disclose it in any web place. Tough…

Overall, these pads are here to stay. I hope to have better luck next time I order them.

Thumbs up?



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