Mixing, Fixing, Masking – Time of the Season Skin Survival Guide

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is already behind us and we are just a step away from the New Year. New decisions, new plans, new resolutions, new hope for the new better tomorrow. New cards deal, new stocks piled.

Some of us had a blast for Christmas; some of us were just surviving it. Some of us had crazy office parties; some of us had crazy shopping and cooking and family gathering parties. You fill the blanks for the alternatives, but every each one of the Christmas versions has stress in common. Unless you are a child. Or Santa. Well, I believe even himself is trying to recuperate from make-it-all-on-time frenzy with something hot (or on rocks) contemplating of his happy place. Social stress, efficacy stress, time counting stress, alcohol distress, skin distress.

Hangover is one of the worst parts of partying. And with age is not getting any better. Only worse. Every year new level of hungover nastiness. Oh, be lucky you who cannot relate to these words!

Next morning skin mess. Puffiness, redness, bumps and swelling are the-day-after-mirror’s companions.

Alcohol means dryness. In every sense of that word. Hangover is acute dehydration syndrome. Best remedy is, of course, hydration. Even better, with added electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, and phosphate) that will restore balance of your body. Drink lot of water (I know, I know, this is so chewed over so many times, but it’s true) and that crappy feeling of nausea, vertigo, heart and brain pacing will stop eventually.

Drinking lot of water, on the other hand, will not keep your skin from dehydration. Skin-wise, drinking lot of water will only increase your number of loo visits. You need big guns, topically there.

Starting with low pH cleansers, continuing with hydrating toners, adding more hydrating serums and moisturizers for the skin food finale – that would be an universal formula that should work for every skin type. Refrain from the actives just yet. Acids, retinol and vitamin C. Don’t over exfoliate already distressed skin. Just be kind and gentle to it.

I would add there more to it. Hydrating, soothing, fixing masks. My recipe for bright, glowy, healthy skin fixer in no time is my honey/propolis mask that I apply every time something went wrong with my skin or just need that extra glow from the within look.

Honey/propolis mask

You will need:

  • ½ tea spoon honey,
  • 2 drops of pure 100% beta-glucan (Graymelin or similar),
  • 3 drops of propolis serum (Graymelin or similar).

Mix everything together, apply to clean and toned face and let it work its magic for about 10-30 minutes. Don’t lick it. It’s bitter and tastes nothing like honey. And get your hair out of the way. Remove with luke warm water and moisturize.

You will thank me later.

Cucumber mask


Very soothing, cooling and refreshing. I use Peter Thomas Roth brand because it proved its efficacy so many times before. I use it in flight, car, well, every travel. True skin saviour. Calms skin in no time. Tip: keep it in the fridge, and use it cooled. Your skin will love it.

You can use it as wash off mask (after cleansing) and like moisturizing sleeping pack. Very versatile product.

Potato mask


This Secriss Pure Nature Mask has made me potato believer. I have never tried fresh potato juice directly applied to face, but there are so many that are convinced it’s the best remedy for every skin distress. I am not a fan of putting fresh fruits and vegetables on my face, I would rather leave it to cosmetics industry to mix it, refine it and enrich it for my skin.

So Secriss did it and I love its recipe. Just look at the ingredients list:



Skin is instantly soothed and moisturized. Ready to face another challenge.


So, there you go. Everything will be all right. I wish you all the best and happy New Year!

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