LeeJiHam Vita Propolis Ampoule and Vita Propolis Cream Review

What is it?

LeeJiHam is Korean cosmeceuticals brand of LJH Dermatology Clinic. We are talking here about very famous Korean dermatological experts creating skincare products as the result of their medical practice and experience.

Their Vita Propolis line of products is as they claim:

„Moisturizing and brightening care – Vita Propolis

<Vita Propolis> series has a perfect combination of vitamin and propolis for bright and radiant skin. It contains 50% propolis extract which has outstanding anti-oxidation and anti-bacterial effects for controlling skin troubles. Rich moisturizing and firming effect help maintain healthy skin. It also contains spirodela polyrhiza extract that is known for anti-inflammation, soothing, and anti-aging and thus, effective for controlling premature aging and atopic dermatitis. “

(official LJH website: en.ljh.co.kr)

And here they are: Vita Propolis Ampoule and Vita Propolis Cream.

Vita Propolis Ampoule is the booster. It boosts the properties of the cream (or other product) or it can be used alone for that extra glow.

Vita Propolis Cream is moisturizer with soothing properties.

How to use it?


Use 2-3 drops and mix it with favourite serums, moisturizer, bb cream or any kind of skin product (except for SPF products).

I like to use it alone for extra skin glow. Not shiny disco ball, but that nice, healthy skin glow from the within.


In the morning skincare routines, I use it as the last step before SPF, and in the evening skincare routines as the last step or before sleeping pack. And yes, I add it couple of drops of Vita Propolis Ampoule.


50% of propolis extract is common for both products to begin with.



This is very nice ingredients list. Herbal extracts with niacinamide, panthenol, arginine, adenosine and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Peculiar thing with this ingredients list is that it contains witch hazel extract and rose extract that can be sensitizing for rosacea. These two in this formulation are proven not to be sensitizing at all for my skin. And my skin is the worst. It reacts within seconds if anything was not as it was supposed to be. So, problem with the witch hazel extract is with its process of distillation which means alcohol plus it has astringent properties. That is the problematic part for the rosacea skin, as it cannot really bear alcohol or astringents, thus anything that shrinks or constricts body tissue which is what astringent basically mean. But also, there are many benefits of this herb and luckily, In this formulation, somehow, it works perfectly fine with all of its astringent yet soothing properties.

In addition, not all the roses are made equal. Rosa centifolia is good type of “roses as the ingredients”. Rosa Damascena is the one that can be very sensitizing for skin regardless its other benefits.

All in all, nice little ampoule.



Other half of the formulation are herbal extracts and oils along with glycerin, niacinamide and vitamin E. It does contain fragrance, but it’s on the last position of the ingredients list, and it has done no harm to my skin.

Very moisturizing, very nourishing, but not heavy at all.

Rosacea safe?

Yes, but with some caution.

Who is it for?

Every skin type. But oily skin types would appreciate it more as the night cream.

Does it work?

I’d say YES for both products.

Ampoule is really nice viscous, scentless liquid. It spreads nicely and smoothly. Little goes a long way. I mean it should as this bottle contains only 15ml of it and no, it’s not travel size. 15ml is full size product.

But every little drop does its work nicely. It makes my skin glow and soothes it in no time. I love it also under my foundation as it glides so smoothly and fits perfectly when primed with this ampoule. I already repurchased it.

Cream is one of those products that I fell in love with the first pat. I shouldn’t admire its fragrance, but it’s wonderful. Floral, gentle, soothing. I love it. Cream comes in elegant 50 ml glass pot with metallic cap. It’s yellow, very light yet so moisturizing. I use it both as day and night cream.

When applied, the cream is very moisturizing and leaves skin with silicony feel. Not at all unpleasant, though. Almost doubles as the primer.

After 5 weeks of regular use, I can see that my skin likes it. Results are visible as my skin is not dehydrated at all in this winter weather, it’s bright and most of all, looks healthy.

Thumbs up?



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