Swanicoco Plant Stem Original Pure Ampoule Review

What is it?

Swanicoco is Korean brand that takes pride in their completely nature-oriented products. Found in 2000 by Seong Chunseon as the result of her willing to fight skin problems of her family. Swan and coconut was her inspiration for the brand name. Today, it is THE Korean brand, very high-tech, very posh, very “clean” of potentially harmful ingredients.

This ampoule is very interesting product as it contains 99% pure ginseng extract. And not just any ginseng, but wild ginseng stem cells.


  • To improve skin texture,
  • To provide nutrition and elasticity while not irritating skin,
  • To help revitalize skin,
  • To strengthen skin barrier,
  • To soothe and reduce redness.

How to use it?

After using a toner, apply an appropriate amount of ampoule to your face and neck. Pat gently to promote absorption.

Well, this 40ml bottle is beautiful, don’t you think? Made of sturdy plastic beautifully designed and laid down in satin in beautiful red box. The cap is actually pump for the pipette inside. You press it, and that way pump the content into pipette, than press again and release the content. And that’s how you release that scent. Oh the scent! Ginsengy, hanbangy, woody, cosy, familiar somehow… you get the idea…

Texture of the product is slightly thick liquid of the brownish colour. Very easily absorbed into skin and I always need three pumps of the product to cover the whole face.

I usually use it in pm skin care routines and in this sequence:

(double) cleanse → toning (balancing, acids and then hydrating) → serums (treatment) →  ampoule (here comes this one) → moisturizer → SPF (morning) or sleeping pack (night)


Tissue Cultured Wild Ginseng Extract (99%), Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Arginine, Allantoin 

Clean and simple. Tissue cultured wild ginseng extract is according to summary of the Patent No. WO 2005020672 A1 by inventors: Heon-Sik An, Tae-Seob Lee, Eun-Myeong Shin, Sun-Hwa Kim:

Method for mass production of wild ginseng roots by plant tissue culture

Disclosed is a method for mass production of tissue-cultured wild ginseng roots by tissue culture. Unlike a conventional method of mass-producing wild tissue-cultured wild ginseng roots by tissue culture, including selection of a raw material, sterilization of the raw material, induction of callus formation, culture and mass propagation, the method of the present invention is characterized by selecting a wild ginseng raw material by DNA fingerprint analysis and directly inducing root differentiation from the raw material without the induction of callus formation. Because of exclusion of callus formation induction, the present invention does not employ harmful growth regulators, such as 2,4-D. In addition, the present method remarkably increases the content of pharmaceutically active components that are generally contained in low concentrations in tissue-cultured wild ginseng roots.

Pretty much straight forward.

The remaining 1% of the formula is the vitamin E, arginine (amino acid; hydrating and anti-oxidative) and allantoin (soothing, healing and keratolytic properties).

Rosacea safe?

If you are not allergic to ginseng, or any other ingredient listed, then yes.

Who is it for?

Every skin type.

Does it work?

Well, let’s get back to those claims from the beginning of this text:


  • To improve skin texture, √
  • To provide nutrition and elasticity while not irritating skin, √
  • To help revitalize skin, √
  • To strengthen skin barrier, √
  • To soothe and reduce redness. √

Five out of five, not bad.

I do see all these effects after two months of using this ampoule, however, the effects are not that dramatic, but very subtle. I can tell my skin texture IS better, skin is not irritated when using this ampoule, I see that my skin IS less sensitive and more resilient to exterior factors, and yes, the redness IS reduced to charming pinkish shade. Also, these effects accomplished are from this ampoule in conjunction with all my other skincare products. And all of them are awesome. So, to conclude, this ampoule is not a game changer, but great partner in overall skincare.

EDIT: I’ve come to realize that the best way to make it show its immediate and dramatic effect is to use it right after The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. These two when used together make a total “glow within” booster.

Thumbs up?

Yes, but repurchase is still questionable. Price point, although totally justified, is not the forte of this product as I can get results that are even more dramatic from less expensive products. Ginseng alone sometimes is just not enough.

This article is not a PR article, but you can use my affiliate link to get your bottle of this serum. You can also find valid discount code in Discount Codes menu section.


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