This blog is dedicated to everything that is good skin care. I love skin care products, using them, testing them, seeing what good they do to my skin. Why? I was diagnosed with sub-type 2 rosacea and had been fighting this annoying, self-esteem-consuming, ugly pest for quite of a number of years now. So, you see, I have plenty to say upon this subject, not through scientific, medical point of view because I am not a medical doctor, I am merely a patient who keeps seeing a good side of this disease – good self care through good skin care. So I will write reviews of my skin care routines, products and things that make my physical appearance and life better.

Here you will be able to read about my experience with rosacea and beauty products that made it almost invisible. Or just help you avoid this (I’ve been there so many times…):


Disclaimer: (like every decent blog has)

This blog will express my own honest opinions, no other person, business or other activity can beat that. This is my place for my thoughts and my experiences that can be just subjective meaning not everything will work for you or vice versa. The golden rule YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) is applied here. I am not a medical doctor, expert of any kind so please bear that in mind as anything written here cannot be a substitute for a professional care and advice.

Also, nothing here will ever be written with purpose to offend anybody or anything.

Content of this blog is protected by copyright and please do not be an a… and go around telling it’s yours. In every way possible.

This place is meant to be a happy place. Please respect that.

Oh, yes! Forgot to mention – I am a huge fan of Asian skin care, cats and budgies.




  1. I have mild rosacea and love your blog. I also follow you on Instagram as Andygal78. Thank you so much for doing this blog.


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